It Came Upon the Midnight Clear, 2013 (arr.)

Cooling in the Peppermint Wind, 2011

night shows to my eyes the stars, 2000


(all pieces are SATB, a capella)

That Music Always Round Me, 2005

Declaration, 2004

Ode on Solitude, 2004


All Through the Night for symphonic orchestra and children’s chorus, 2011

arr. of traditional Welsh carol

Kubla Khan for full orchestra and SATB Choir, 1995


Cooling in the Peppermint Wind, 2011

        written for symphonic orchestra, early 2011

        arr. for wind ensemble, late 2011

Softly Dancing From the Polar Sky, 2008

U.S. Patent No. 821,393.  FLYING MACHINE.  O.&W. Wright, 2003, rev. 2010


Blue Vishuddha, for violin and piano, 2014

Brass Bucket, for brass quintet, 2014

Mohicanituck, for three violins, 2014

Blazingstar, for solo violin, 2012

The Every Only, for solo flute, 2008

Building 58, for player piano, 2007

Consilience, for viola and piano, 2005

arr. for violin and piano, 2010

Poor Warty Bliggens, for alto saxophone and double bass, 2005

The Remembered Tree, for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, 2002

String Quartet #1, 1998, rev. 2001

Not at all, for B-flat clarinet, marimba, and double bass, 1997

Nottanosti, for solo piano, 1996, rev. 2000

Monologue for Solo Cello, 1992, rev. 2002

Conversation #2, for alto saxophone and piano, 1992

Conversation #1, for flute and piano, 1990


Travel, for tenor or high baritone and piano, 2016

Stone, for soprano, trumpet, and piano, 2013

Prayers from the Long History of Happiness, for soprano and piano, 2003

The Valley of Unrest, for soprano, tenor, and harp, 2002

arr. for flute, bassoon, and harp, 2003

Songs of the Piper, for soprano and flute, 1994


Whale Song, In Progress


How ‘bout now? (Interdisciplinary Performance Art Show), 2008

Composer and Music Director

Homesick for Rain (Play with music), 2001-2005

Composer and Music Director

The Basement (Independent short film), 2003

Composer and Music Producer

A.S.K. Theater Projects/Nautilus Music-Theater, 2000

Composer Studio 2000

Without a Map (Feature film), 1999

Composer and Music Supervisor

Volvo, four commercials, 1997


The Malcontents (Sketch-comedy theater), 1996

Composer and Music Director

L.A. Waltz  (Short film), 1993


A Tribute to Bob Hope (Theatrical musical tribute), 1992

Orchestrations and arrangements